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How the service works

RiskRemedy is a subscription service that's simple and straightforward to use. Here is a breakdown of the services included in your comprehensive legal and compliance service and information on how to access each of them. If you're not interested in a subscription, and you would like to purchase individual business documents, then just go to the relevant section from the menu above.

1 Legal document preparation

Our website gives you access to a range of high-quality legal documents, which can be created using a system that simply interviews you and creates the documents automatically. You will be able to quickly and easily create a whole host of legal and compliance documentation, including tailored employment contracts, HR policies and procedures, employment-related letters, consultancy agreements, a health & safety policy and much, much more. It's simply one of the quickest and most cost-effective ways to prepare the vital legal documents your business needs.

To begin using the service, just register on the RiskRemedy website and log in.

Once logged in, you can locate any specific documents you need instantly either by searching the site or browsing through the relevant law guide topics, which have handy links to all of the documentation you might need.

Creating documents is simple and full instructions are on the website. The documents are created instantly as you answer a series of questions, which are tailored to suit your particular circumstances. If your finished document doesn't meet your exact requirements, you can then send it to our legal team and ask them to help you make any minor changes required.

2 Legal document review

Legal review is automatically included in the RiskRemedy subscription product. Or you can purchase it with your Pay As You Go business document.

If you have selected either of the above options once you have completed your document, simply select the 'Send for legal review' option. If you would like to ask the legal team a specific question about the document you've created, you can send an accompanying message.

All legal documents are securely encrypted and routed to our legal team. Once received, the legal team will answer any questions you have by email or phone, then send the document back to you to make final alterations. We aim to turn around documents within 24 hours* of receipt.

* Hours means business hours, which are between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday, excl. public holidays.

3 Legal advice helpline

Access to our legal helpline is included in the RiskRemedy Subscription product.

Normally, if you had a legal issue or question and needed to consult a solicitor, you would be charged around £120-£300 per hour for advice. As a subscription customer you will have unlimited access to our legal advice helpline, where our specialist team of lawyers and other appropriately qualified consultants are on hand to help.

4 Tax fee protection

Tax fee protection is included in the RiskRemedy Subscription product.

As you may know, not only do the rules change frequently, but taxation laws now place much more emphasis on individual accountability. There are different deadlines to meet, and tax allowances and rates often change year on year too. Is it any wonder that many businesses find it a major challenge to stay on top of tax and that more and more face random investigation by HM Revenue & Customs every year?

Cash-based businesses are particularly at risk, investigations can take years to complete and, even if your affairs are in order and you don't owe a penny, there is no compensation available to pay the accountants' fees or expenses that may be incurred.

HMRC's risk-based approach to identifying businesses for enquiry and/or investigation means it is vital to ensure your tax affairs are correct and up-to-date. RiskRemedy tax fee protection is a specialist service designed to complement your existing accountancy arrangements, helping you to manage your business's relationship with HMRC.

Our tax fee protection insurance will cover your business for the cost of professional accountancy fees and expenses relating to HMRC investigations, VAT appeals, PAYE and National Insurance contributions disputes and much more. You can also get advice quickly over the phone from our advisers 24/7, and access to specialist tax advisers once a claim is accepted.

5 Law guide

Logging in to our website gives you access to a huge array of up-to-date legal information, which is arranged into easy-to-navigate topics and is fully searchable. The information is designed to explain the law in plain English, not legal jargon. Each topic also has direct links to any of the legal or compliance documents you might need.

6 Legal expenses insurance

Legal expenses insurance is included in the RiskRemedy Subscription product.

Having adequate insurance for your business is essential, yet many business owners ignore the potentially huge bills that can result from defending a health & safety prosecution, tax investigation or employment tribunal.

RiskRemedy legal expenses insurance (LEI) covers the defence of disputes with employees, ex-employees and prospective employees that relate to a contract of employment or to alleged breaches of employment legislation. The insurance also provides cover for employment tribunal awards (e.g. compensation payments to ex-employees) against your business, providing you have asked for and followed our advice.

In addition to cover on employment issues, the insurance also provides cover for the following legal expenses:

  • Defending a criminal prosecution, including matters relating to health & safety
  • Property disputes (e.g. over access to your property, or other nuisance or leasehold disputes))
  • Pursuing or defending actions under the Data Protection Act
  • Pursuing an employee's rights to recover damages from someone who has been negligent and caused injury or death
  • Accountancy and legal costs to represent your business as a result of an HMRC tax or VAT investigation or aspect inquiry

The policy will provide cover of £50,000 for any one claim, with a limit of £250,000 for all claims in one year. There is also a court attendance allowance of £150 per day (maximum cumulative payment of £10,000 in any one year) for anyone in your business who is required to attend court insofar as their salary, income or wages are not recoverable from the court. Similar cover is available should you need to attend court as a witness for a claim under the policy.

In order for your insurance cover to be valid, we do ask you to ensure you contact our legal team and follow the advice they give you before you take any action.

7 Monthly bulletin

Every month we publish an e-bulletin to inform you of changes in legal, HR, employment and health & safety legislation that might affect your business. We also include information on recent court cases that might be of interest to you, and advise of any relevant changes made to our range of legal documents and information. Please take the time to read the bulletin in order to ensure that you are aware of any changes you might need to make to any documentation you have already created.

The monthly bulletin will be sent to you by email. If you do not wish to receive the bulletin, simply select the bulletin link on the homepage when logged in, then un-tick the bulletin box and select 'Save preferences'. This screen can also be accessed via 'My account'. Note that if you choose not to receive the bulletin it may impair our ability to send you service updates and provide other vital information that may affect your business. Even if you do not wish to receive the bulletin by email, you can still view all previous bulletins by selecting the 'Monthly bulletin' link on the homepage when logged in.