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Try a document for free

Before subscribing to the RiskRemedy service, which includes unlimited access to all of the business documents on the site, you can try the document creation service yourself to see just how quick and simple it is to create any legal documentation your business needs.

Just click on the following link to view all of the business documents on the site, choose one and click either the 'Get started' (in the case of free documents) or the 'Try' button to the right of the document in question. Simply follow the on-screen instructions, answer the questions posed to you by the system and watch the document assemble itself in front of your eyes.

In the case of free documents, you can now save and print them out; for paid-for documents you can register to allow you to save the document and, if you wish, purchase it there and then on a one-off, pay as you go basis. Alternatively, you can choose to sign up for the RiskRemedy subscription service, which will give you full access to the document you have created plus unlimited access to the other business documents on-site and a whole host of other valuable services such as telephone advice, lawyer review and legal expenses insurance.